Best electric hair straightening brushes


If talking about electric hair straightening brushes, you are highly advised about their working in various manners. Ones of them are amazingly overwhelming for super curly or kinky hair, other ones are constructed particularly for light wavy options.

Taking this information into consideration, further you will discover with me the best electric brushes for light wavy or even curly locks. The choice from respective combs is wide enough as almost every brush is able to cope with such type.

Let’s look closer to the most famous combs:

Infinity Pro Diamond by Conar.

hair straightening brushesConar has designed own system called Diamond Brilliance which unites quality of ceramic and technology produced negative ions. It helps to reshape appearance of hair locks into radiant and brilliant ones. Due to ions presence, you will forget about any frizzes and static.

Bristles made of nylon and silicone are great assistants with your naughty locks.

There are three settings for heating increase. You should set up the temperature till 400 degrees

Paddle function is created intentionally for convenient and speed styling in case of morning rush. You are saved, no any damage due to ceramic components and four years of warranty are able to protect in any case.

Spin Air comb by Conar

hair straightening brushesOne more brush produced by Conar is able to propose one additional function which gives you incredibly gorgeous waves for some special occasions.

But let’s start from the beginning. Due to its ergonomic option of the design and not heavy weight, you are free to rotate at any possible angle. It will be convenient for both types- long and short styles.

Are you dreaming to posses radiant and brilliant waves without any split ends? Due to technology which provides you presence of ions, it is quite possible to achieve. Such technology has priority to protect you from any damage.

Now stylish hair-cut is likely to be created even at home with spin function. Volume of your precious locks is added easily and you are ready for any occasion including royal one. Such function is just a bonus, you should not to utilize it always.

Thick and longer locks will meet high heat requirement and in case of thin or delicate type of locks, you are highly advised to set low level of temperature panel. So you are free to consider three options of heating and two speed rates.

You will be advised about other stylish brushes in our reviews further.